Dear Diary,

Today I was in “The Jimmy Hendrix Bar Experiance“. There I met an ugly Australian idiot, who annoyed me by telling that I´m just recounting untrue story. He also thought that he was in Tibet, but that´s just bullshit. He said he went from Kashgar to Tibet on the southern route with the help of a truck driver. He dropped him before each one, so he could go around them behind the police. After the road-block he jumped again in the truck. But it´s just ridiculous, because it´s impossible. There are so many police road-blocks, that you can´t get in anyway. And I don´t think the policemen are not so stupid that they haven´t noticed him. The only way to get in is the Golmund route, there is no other possibility. But this way is also difficult and dangerous.

I hate this people. They just want to be the hero in front of their “friends”, but I´m not jealous. No way. He was just in Thailand. That´s a joke for me. I have already been in Afghanistan with the mujahedin and in the prison of Golmund, that´s a huge different. At the end I wanted to hit this little idiot, but his friends covered him. Taking everything together he isn´t worth it and just a little bullshitter so I don´t care about him anymore.

Tomorrow I will take the train to Mumbai. I hope there are nicer travelers than this guy.