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Diary of LizBearbeiten

Dear diary,

never! Never again!

God, I'm so happy that I'm never gonna see this guy again! I don't even know why I had the idea to invite him. That was just stupid. I thought it would be great with him but Dave, dear diary, is the most annoying guy in the world.

So since I left our group with Fee and Caz, I felt considerably better. Man, I need my freedom, I don't need to ask people for what I'm gonna do. And that's why I also can be together with whom I want to be! Yes, I had been together with a guy; but no, we hadn't sex.. well, not real sex. When we arrived at the 'center of meditation' in Goa Caz started to fancy our teacher, Ping, and to tell that she was in love with him and shit like that. How childish is that!? Ok, I believe in 'love', but you can't fall in love with somebody who you don't know. So, I can't understand why she was acting like a psychopath when she saw us two in bed. -But I have to say that I think that all the people I met here are kind of crazy. Caz, J, Dave! Even Ping! After our non-romantic acting he told me that my center was in the middle of my forehead, so before I could say something he squidged a black dot (which looked like a bindi) on my face. I didn't say anything, because I know that if I had opened my mouth, things I wouldn't want to say would come out of it. Anyways, I enjoyed Goa although Fee left me alone and went away with Caz.

After a couple of days I went to the airport and my sixth sense told me that Dave would be there. It didn't mislead me. But I really haven't expected him to come to me and say 'hi' after all that happened. The only thing I wanted to shout in his face was 'Go away!'. Nevermind I could contain myself until he said that he changed. At this moment I bursted into laughter. And that would be the last laugh towards him.

When we came back here to this grey nation, the first thing I did was calling James. I had missed him so much! So we met up in a pub. Guess what. Dave was also there. Ok, I was nervous because I didn't know if he had spoken with James before. As he read my mind, he started to tell him everything. I stood calm, because I knew that lying would help me out of the situation. James would believe me, not him. That was clear. And he did it. He stood next to me, turned to Dave and punched him in the face. I knew that it hurt extremely but I didn't feel sorry at all for him because he deserved it. I hope he understood that independent people don't need any limpets (Daves). Dear diary, I fear that I won't write into you because everytime I look on you, I remember India. India and Dave. I'm sorry.