Dear Diary,

Before we left for India Dave and I had a litte conflict. He called me and I told him that I was busy. But he wouldn´t stop talking. He asked me if he could come over but I really didn´t want that! As I tried to hang up, he asked me if we could do plannings about India. I was so annoyed, I told him that it was enough planning that we did. The next few days I tried to avoid him but it wasn't easy because soon we were heading to India.

Now we're at the hotel in India where we met a guy named Jeremy. He was really nice to me but Dave somehow didn´t like him. Later Dave and I went to the Red Fort, where he bought a ridiculous looking hat. Every tourist has one of these plus he payed way too much! I tried to explain to him that it was not okay to waste so much money on one hat and that this will upset the local economy. (Jeremy told me about this earlier). But as always Dave didn´t understand that.. or at least he didn´t want to! Later we went back to the hotel, where Jeremy was reading a book called ´Bhagavad Gita´ about India. As I questioned him about the book, he gave it to me. In return he got one of mine. Unfortunatelly it was about time for me and Dave to go.. But before that I couldn´t resist and asked Jeremy if he wanted to come and travel with us. Dave was not amused I guess. They argued for a long time.

Well, thats it for today. I promise I will write later.