Dear diary,

this month was full of action, and I will try to tell you everything. In the beginning, I was so glad to meet Dave because I hate it to be lonely. I got to know Dave much better in this short period of time, and we saw each other more and more often. He really is a very interesting person. Well, it's obvious that he, like all the other boys I met before, only wants my body. But Dave is also different, he is always good for a joke and I can easily have a chat with him. No wonder he is James' best friend!

A few weeks later, we even promised each other to go to India together at the end of my term. More importantly, I made him swear that this should be a vacation as mates, not as lovers. I hope he won't forget that I still love James. While the day of the departure was coming nearer, I got to know that Dave is also good masseur. He massaged me every evening, and he was as good as James! I wonder if he learned it from him.

Unfortunately, after we bought the tickets for India, things got completely out of control. I noticed soon that Dave wanted more than just massaging me, and he seemed to be unstoppable. So I had no other choice than to play this little game with him until he was satisfied. But the morning after that, Dave asked me why I never kissed him! That was the moment where I nearly exploded. He already forgot our promise from back then! I tried to explain to him that we were not lovers and I loved James, but he still got his stupid image of love in his head. It was impossible to persuade him.

I will try to avoid him until India in order to prevent unnecessary arguments.