Leper colonies :

India is home to around 60% of the world's leprosy-affected. Despite the fact that most of them are cured, they -- and their children -- are forced to settle in one of 630 leprosy colonies in India. They are not welcome anywhere else. Sankat Mocan in Borivali, Mumbai, is one of those colonies.

Leprosy is a chronic, infectious and bacterial disease. The conditions of also getting infected are close skin-to-skin contact with an sick patient and barely hygiene, escpecially in overpoulated countries like India.

I've chosen a leper colonie in India named '' Sankat Mocan '' , which belongs to the organisation '' Back to Life e.V '' to provide you a littleinsight.

It's a walled place with 30 tiny '' houses '', where often families up to 10 persons live. The members of the community live a modest, poor life. Some of them go begging on the streets. Those who don't look like they have leprorsy earn money by driving rickshaws or delivering the newspaper for example.

The organisation '' Back to Life e.V '' helps the people, who are affected. They provide medical care and more education. With the expansion of the childrenshome in 2007, they had the opportunity to take more children and grandchildrens of their former patients to give them a new chance.