Dear diary,

that one morning everything overwhelmed me. The Liz-and-Ping-thing and the three-in-a-bed-story. So i'll tell you about Liz. I HATE her! We were friends, but this friendship is now over. How could she do that to Caz?! I mean how could she have sex with Ping?!(Ping was our Intimate Yoga teacher on our ashram) Liz new that there was something between Caz and Ping! She only said that she wants to locate her centre, bla bla bla. I can't believe this shit! Poor Caz, it was so hard for her to see them shagging. I haven't expected this situation at all. I couldn't believe that Liz would do something like this, but in those situations you can see your fake mates and how you can't trust them.

Next we bumped into Dave again and i have to say, he wore the ugliest shirt and pants i've ever seen in lifetime. Anyway, i told him what happended to Liz, Caz and Ping and we met up later again for a midnight Punjabi lesson with his friend Ranj (he looked quite interesting, tho). Later in the evening me and Dave were talking about everyday things till he came with the idea of making Liz jealous, so we kissed ( he was a really good kisser..) and somehow we landed in bed together and had non-penetrativ sex while Caz was watching us. So the next day i started by having a breakdown at an very awkward moment. I screamed, that i don't wanna go out of bed, because is was the most confortable bed in the world....a bit embarrassing. It ended up that a half-naked Swedish girl from the next door helped us dressing and called our parents to leave India. I'm so glad that my mother took charge and booked flights back home for us.

I hope my mum will understand me and I can start my University normally without thinking at this India stuff anymore.