Dear Diary,

The last two days have been crazy. First of all I met Liz, yeah, THE Liz from the Ealing Junior String Orchestra, my former best friend Liz! We are both staying at the same hotel in the same indian city at the same time! What a coincidence, isn't it! The moment she screamed my name and I looked up, was strange. Not because I wasn't happy to see her, but I didn't recognized her. She has changed so much and puberty turned her into a beautiful young lady. How i knew it was her, the blond-orchestra-bestfirend and not any other Liz? - Her voice didn't change AT ALL :D It's the same squeaky voice as it used to be eight years ago. The good Karma I got after my time at a leper , still wanted the best for me and is still there. The time I spent with her, was so valuable. Exchanging our expierience and adventures from the last years, made me realise what I've missed. I just could've called her and talk to her on the phone and be the best friend she needed and wanted. Our friendship shouldn't have just ended with her move to a new borough into their new house. But I can't go back in time and change my mistakes and actions. Now I know how to do it and appreciate what you have got and keep it as long as you can for the rest of your life - i have a second chance when I die and get reborn, haven't I?

After our little chat, she introduced me to her company named Dave. He looked very charming and nice to me. But i guess, mine and Caz' points of view and the fact that we worked at the Udaipur Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre scared him a bit. I actually wanted to tell them more, but at the same time I didn't want to torture him anymore. In my eyes he is kind of lost and unhappy in this country and isn't open about finding himself and discovering new moral territory. I'd really like to help him to get out of this "Westener trap", but i think he'd only give me a confused and annoyed look....unfortunately. He sees many things as "gross" even if they are just standard hygiene here in India. The fact that Liz put her mattress into our room for the last night is a bit worrying, because at first her and Dave were getting along well, but then we (Caz and I ) started was only our fault! She got new perspectives and got into an argument with Dave. I hope they'll make it up soon. I mean they have to spend the next months together.

I feel like worrying and thinking too much. I will tell Liz where Caz and I are gonna spend the next weeks. Maybe she and Dave are coming with us. I hope so.