Most educative

- Dave talks with an oldish man (Charles) → gets invited to his house

- Charles thinks that Dave is modest and a gentleman → is impressed by Dave

India does that to you

-Nobody wants to talk to Dave (because he still looks ill) → writes a postcard to his parents

-Meets Ranj at the reception → they want to travel to another city


- Dave and Ranj decided to stay at a fancy hotel in Trivandrum, where you can play golf

I've got breeding

-Ranj tries to „get some girls“ by telling them that he's got breeding


- Dave mets Fee and Caz

- finds out that Liz slept with the teacher of Intimate Yoga, Ping (Caz kinda has a crush on him) → Fee & Caz and Liz separated; Caz doesn't speak

Don't you think you've had enough fun for the moment?

- Dave, Fee and Caz are caught together in bed → got kicked out of the hotel

- Fee freaks out → the swedish girl asks her if she wants to get home, but she has two weeks left and can't give up → swedish girl asks: Don't you think you've had enough fun for the moment ?


- Dave is back in Dheli → meets two guys

- One of them says „Hi“ and Dave answered by saying „Peace“

- Dave acts like J when he first met him

A completely different person

- Mets Liz at the airport

- She says that nothing about Dave's attitude changed after those three weeks → „I'm a completely different person“ Dave replies