And I’m not from Surrey

Journey from Udaipur to Ahmedabad; on a stop he starts a conversation with a guy in his mid-thirties

They talk about the strike (Harijan quotas in higher education) -> they start to discuss

The guy (journalist) wants to write an article about Dave and accuses Dave of having actually no interests in India and in their problems

->“The whole lot of you should fuck off back to Surrey”

->”And I’m not from Surrey”

Comfortably numb

On the beach in Goa, Dave meets two English girls; they plan the journey to Kerala together

On their way to Bangalore he enjoys the view out of the window and listens to the music of Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”.


Everyone’s had it

Dave eats a burger at MacSpeed -> he gets ill

In the hotel he asks a guy for help and water

The guy wants to know what’s wrong and Dave tells him that he is ill

The guy talks about diseases -> Dave asks “You’ve had dysentery?”

-> “Yeah, sure. Everyone’s had it.”