The real India

-Jeremy turns up in Manali

-Dave and Ranj are talking; Ranj wants to find the real India 

Maybe the places were the shit bits

-Jeremy, Dave, Liz and Ranj travel to Dharamsala; at the stops J, Ranj & Dave go outside, start chatting with Indians, drink and eat... -> Dave thinks that this places are the shit bits which belong to travelling

-meet four Ruperts former class mates of Jeremy

-go to Pushkar (because of the tiger which broke out of the zoo)

Was it amazing?

-unexpected reunion with Liz' best friend from the Orchestra Fee; talk about what they did: Fee was in  a leper colony -> Liz asks if it was amazing

The from-a-height thing

-Liz got the from-a-height thing, what means that her karma and her look on the world has changed  -> Dave thinks that that is ridiculous -> Liz is pissed off

That's that, then

-Liz wants to go to an ashram on a "spiritual journey" with Fee & Caz but without Dave (because he won't like it) -> they have an argument; Liz never wants to see Dave again

Cross-cultural interchange

-Dave has to travel on his own; wants to go to Goa with stop in Udaipur

-meets Liz, Fee & Caz in the bus & the train but he doesn't want to talk to them -> sits next to a man and talk with him -> gets to know the locals