Part one:

Bad planning

She's acting differently (p.3-5)

-main caracters Dave and Liz sit in airplane to India

-Liz acts bossy and unfriendly (title)

-Dave does all she wants but is against her behavior

Pure blind fear (p.6-9)

-arrival in India

-Dave fearfull (title) towards the people and the noise

J (p.10-18)

-J for Jeremy (title)

-get to know him in the Ringo guest house in Dehli

-Dave dislikes him while Liz is fascinated by the "pseudo-Guru"

-Daves first confrontation with beggars

They ignore it (p.19-25)

-Jeremy takes them to vegetarian restaurant / place to eat

-Liz and J get into conversations and ignore Dave (title)

-Dave's pissed off

It's not compulsory, you know (p.26-32)

-back shift to the time Liz and Dave first met

-James (apparentely Daves best friend) and Paul want to travel during nine months around the world

-James girlfriend is Liz

-(title) first sentence Liz says to defend Dave in a conflict with James

You are. You're asking me out (p.32-37)

-James and Paul are gone, Liz and Dave are left behind (after Dave's finished his work month in Switzerland)

-decides to call Liz

-they agree on meeting in a pub (title)

Another plump, juicy, bursting peach (p.38-44)

-they first meet alone

-Liz is playing with Dave's interest on her (title)

-makes clear she still loves James

Does it have to be India (p.45-49)

-become very close friends

-Liz proposes Dave to go to India during three months

-Dave agrees

The hot, wet, gusset of James's boxer shorts (p.50-53)

-plan their trip to India

-get closer and closer (end up having kind of sexual contact)

Not now having sex (p.54-59)

-start to have a love-relationship-similar-friendship

-Dave confronts Liz with the fact that they're almost a couple

-Liz gets angry 'cause she still love James > breaks up contact with Dave